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Integrated Disaster Risk Management

Canada’s Total Contribution: $5,370,000

Targeted Countries: Cambodia Indonesia Philippines Thailand Vietnam

Funding Period: 2012/2013, 2013/2014, 2014/2015

Delivery Partner(s):


This project aims to reduce the impact of disasters on vulnerable populations in Southeast Asia by providing support to governments and civil society to manage and reduce disaster risk. In doing so, the project also seeks to support economic growth and maintain the development gains already made in the region. Project activities involve support for reducing disaster risk and increasing resilience in communities, for example through the development of disaster risk financing, including insurance. In addition, this project demonstrates Canada’s dedication to climate change action in developing countries through the incorporation of viable, adaptive strategies into existing disaster risk management initiatives.

Results/Expected Outcomes

The expected intermediate results for this project include improved representation of community issues, including gender equality issues, in national disaster risk reduction policies, plans and programs. The project will also contribute to increasing the effectiveness of Southeast Asia regional disaster risk reduction cooperation mechanisms, such as the disaster risk reduction (DRR) goals of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), which address the needs of vulnerable communities.

Support Program to Respond to Climate Change in Vietnam

Canada’s Total Contribution: $4,450,000

Targeted Countries: Vietnam

Funding Period: 2010/2011

Delivery Partner(s):

  • Government of Vietnam - Ministry of Finance


CIDA's contribution aims to assist the Government of Vietnam to address priority issues established in the National Target Programme to Respond to Climate Change. This includes mitigating climate change through green house gas absorption and emissions control, building adaptive capacity to deal with the harmful impacts of climate change, and enhancing measures for cross-cutting issues concerning climate change.
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Results/Expected Outcomes

Results as of the end of CIDA support (December 2012) include: completion of the Forest Protection and Development Program and the draft Master Plan for Renewable Energy in Central Provinces 2012-2030; introduction of a Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Program in the agricultural sector; adoption of the Law on Natural Disaster Prevention and Mitigation and the National Action Plan for Climate Change; and the establishment of guidelines for allocating and reporting on financial resources targeted at climate change actions. This helps to improve the framework for Vietnam to address its significant climate change challenges, such as extended periods of flooding and drought. Through the initiative, the Government of Vietnam continues to oversee the implementation of the ministerial and provincial environmental action plans developed in the past years, and develop social security systems to support groups vulnerable to climate change impacts for the Mekong River Delta and Coastal Central regions. These activities have contributed to the integration of environmental considerations in laws and regulations, have led to an increase in the participation and awareness of all national stakeholders on climate change issues, and set the stage for the Government of Vietnam to implement its new Green Growth Strategy.
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