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Adjaristsqali Hydropower Project

Canada’s Total Contribution: $15,000,000

Targeted Countries: Georgia

Funding Period: 2012/2013

Project Funded through a Canadian Facility: Canadian Climate Fund for the Private Sector in Asia

Delivery Partner(s):


The Canadian Climate Fund for the Private Sector in Asia (CFPS) at the Asian Development Bank (ADB) provided support to a run-of-the river hydro independent power producer in Georgia. The project has the potential to use its unique geography of an abundance of rivers to transform Georgia into a regional powerhouse of sustainable energy. The electricity produced from this source will be sold to Turkey for nine months of the year and the local market for the remaining three months. The project consists of two separate hydropower plants with a total capacity of 185 megawatts. Power will be exported both into the domestic and regional markets.

Results/Expected Outcomes

Construction commenced in 2014 and the hydro Independent Power Project (IPP) will have a renewable energy (RE) capacity of 185 megawatts and a renewable energy (RE) generation of 450 GWh per year. The project is expected to accelerate the development of Georgia’s hydropower sector by catalyzing more private sector investment and increasing cross-border energy trading in the region. It will also help alleviate some of the high unemployment in the area by providing about 600 jobs during construction, and 50 afterwards for maintenance. Fostering this energy sector will alleviate the country’s dependence on imported fossil fuel through utilization of clean and sustainable water resources.
Co-Financing/Mobilized Finance (CAD$): $416,000,000
Estimated GHG (metric tons of CO₂) Reduction Associated with Project (per year)Disclaimer *: 200,000
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