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Adaptation Research Initiative in Asia: Climate Change and Water Governance

Canada’s Total Contribution: $1,530,000

Targeted Countries: China Nepal Pakistan

Funding Period: 2011/2012

Delivery Partner(s):


This contribution is part of Canada's $20 million fast-start contribution to the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) to support climate change adaptation projects in the water sector in Asia and in Latin America and the Caribbean. This project worked towards building effective water governance in the Asian Highlands.

Results/Expected Outcomes

With support from Canada’s contribution, an inception workshop took place on October 31-November 2, 2012 in Kunming, bringing together researchers from the two collaborating institutions. A methodology workshop was also held in March 2013 in Kunming to review and revise research questions, develop appropriate research protocols for vulnerability assessment, and identify common data required from each site for the bioclimatic stratification that is currently underway.

Solar Powered Lighting in Pakistan

Canada’s Total Contribution: $400,000

Targeted Countries: Pakistan

Funding Period: 2010/2011

Project Funded through a Canadian Facility: IFC - Canada Climate Change Program (CCCP)

Delivery Partner(s):


The IFC-Canada Climate Change Program provided support to increase access to modern and clean energy lighting and associated services for 1.5 million people in Pakistan. This project seeks to accelerate the development of a sustainable commercial market for quality off-grid solar powered lighting and auxiliary power producing products. The project focuses on supporting certified manufacturers to enter and achieve scale in the Pakistan off-grid solar lighting market. The project will be focused around a number of key activities such as market intelligence, business to business linkages, and a consumer awareness campaign.

Results/Expected Outcomes

With support from Canada, this project is expected to mobilize an additional $3.48 million in co-financing from public and private sources and lead to an estimated greenhouse gas emissions reduction of 36,000 metric tons of CO2 per year.* To date, the project has already assisted over 400,000 people to access safer, cleaner and more affordable lighting.
Co-Financing/Mobilized Finance (CAD$): $3,480,000
Estimated GHG (metric tons of CO₂) Reduction Associated with Project (per year)Disclaimer *: 36,000
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