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African Adaptation Research Centres: Enhancing Climate Change Adaptation in Agriculture and Water Resources in the Greater Horn of Africa

Canada’s Total Contribution: $1,340,000

Targeted Countries: Ethiopia Kenya Sudan Tanzania

Funding Period: 2010/2011

Delivery Partner(s):


Flooding and seasonal droughts are undermining the economies and prosperity of countries within the Greater Horn of Africa. Agriculture and water resources are among the key sectors which will be affected most by the impacts of projected climate change. To serve as practical roadmaps for future investments, National Adaptation Programs of Action (NAPAs) need to be strengthened by economic analysis of adaptation investments, and informed by credible and impartial scientific assessment of climate change impacts. This project measured the impacts of climate change on agriculture and water resources, and recommends feasible adaptation options in Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, and Tanzania. Support provided to the Sokoine University of Agriculture of Tanzania is part of Canada's $10 million Fast-start contribution to the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) to support the African Adaptation Research Centres Initiative

Results/Expected Outcomes

With support from Canada's contribution, this project is expected to improve current estimates of adaptation costs and benefits and undertake additional modelling work in specific locations and sectors within each study country. The researchers and postgraduate students involved have been trained in the use of the modelling tools and large-scale assessment methodologies, and a database for large-scale climate change impact assessment is currently being developed. In Kenya, the team is directly involved with all matters related to climate change issues in agriculture and was involved with the development of the National Climate Change Action Plan. In Ethiopia, the project's interim results have been presented at the annual forum of the Research Extension and Farmers Linkage Council (REFLAC), which included participation from key policy-makers. In Sudan, the team has been invited to work as consultants in the development of a US$5.7 million project proposal on “Climate Risk Finance for Sustainable and Climate Resilient Rainfed Farming and Pastoral Systems” to be submitted to Global Environment Facility (GEF) by October 2013.

Canadian Climate Adaptation Facility: Adaptation to the Effects of Drought and Climate Change in Four Agro- Ecological Zones in Sudan

Canada’s Total Contribution: $3,080,000

Targeted Countries: Sudan

Funding Period: 2012/2013

Delivery Partner(s):


The $16.5 million Canadian Climate Adaptation Facility at the United Nations Development Program provided support for the implementation of priority adaptation measures to build resilience of rain-fed farmer and pastoral communities of Sudan, especially women-headed households to the adverse impacts of climate change.

Results/Expected Outcomes

Canada's financial contribution to this project supported the improvement of harvesting schemes in the highly vulnerable arid and semi-arid regions of Northern Kordofan and South Darfur. Preparatory work has been ongoing and activities are expected to start in 2014.
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