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Canada Fund for African Climate Resilience: Women Entrepreneurs Adapting to Climate Change

Canada’s Total Contribution: $3,014,537

Targeted Countries: Senegal

Funding Period: 2012/2013

Delivery Partner(s):

  • Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles


Through the $23.2 million Canada Fund for African Climate Resilience, Canada provided support to activities that aimed at reducing poverty among the people of Senegal’s Saloum Islands by improving the ability of 870 women in three villages to adapt to climate change. Low levels of precipitation over the last 35 years have contributed to desertification and have reduced access to fresh water. This has reduced food production, adversely affected mangrove ecosystems, and reduced biodiversity, which in turn has reduced shellfish and fish stocks.

Results/Expected Outcomes

With support from Canada’s contribution, this initiative was able to achieve various results. Some of the key results achieved include:
  • the installation of eight plots seeding experiments in targeted mudflats
  • consultations with GIE presidents to determine their current and future needs transformation were held
  • the participation of young men and women in the reforestation of targeted areas, such as Falia and Dionewar
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