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Strengthening economic skills and climate change adaptive capacity

Canada’s Total Contribution: $780,000

Targeted Countries: Benin

Funding Period: 2010/2011

Delivery Partner(s):


This contribution is part of Canada's $10 million Fast-start input to the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) to support the African Adaptation Research Centres Initiative. The project aimed to build resilience in Bénin's rural communities that are threatened by food insecurity and rural poverty as a result of climate change. Researchers looked to improve farmers' access to accurate local weather information and are analyzing the costs and benefits of different soil water conservation techniques for smallholder farmers.

Results/Expected Outcomes

With support from Canada's contribution, this project has tested four adaptation options for maintaining soil moisture, to help cope with dry spells during the growing season. These projects were tested with 72 field schools in 24 villages within six regions. A total of 360 farmers were involved in trials to determine the economic costs and benefits to these technologies in the different ecological zones. The project is also working at local, regional, and national levels to encourage decision makers to integrate adaptation into development planning. Future work will include consultations with technical experts and elected officials to discuss how best to integrate adaptation into sectoral development plans. Two documentaries have been made about the project, one on the farmer field schools and another on the role of the project in building capacity.
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