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This is a collection of links to climate datasets, tools, guidance and related resources. The sources include the federal government, provincial and territorial governments, national professional organizations, climate consortia and established international organizations. It can be useful for impact, vulnerability and risk assessments, and for adaptation planning.

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Explanation of the different resource types
  • data product - downloadable climate dataset
  • tool - builds on a dataset with further analyses and/or visualization
  • guidance - provides direction on the use of climate information or on conducting climate-related assessments
  • additional resources include educational and awareness-raising material, impact assessments and scientific syntheses

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  • Tool

    AR5 GCM Evaluation (Opens in a new Window)

    This application summarizes key results of Scenarios Network for Alaska + Arctic Planning (SNAP) general circulation model (GCM) statistical evaluation and model selection. The evaluation is of historical climate model runs over several geographic domains with an Alaska and Arctic focus. GCM performance is ranked based on minimum error with respect to a European Re-Analysis (ERA-40) baseline data set using several error metrics. The application enables exploration of model evaluation results pertaining to various spatial domains, climate variables and error statistics as well as seasonal variability. Users can drill down into the climate model evaluation and compare GCMs in numerous and detailed ways depending on their areas of interest.
    University of Alaska Fairbanks
    International Arctic Research Centre
    Resource formats:
    • Interactive
    Data product

    NeraCoos Data (Opens in a new Window)

    NeraCoos Data contains data products and tools summarizing eastern buoy, station, and forecasts data. Historical and future data are available as point data. Climate variables include wind speed, wind gust, air temperature, water temperature at varying depths, and air temperature; they are updated from each station and users can compare stations. Forecasts of coastal flooding and erosion, and 48-hour wave and wind are also available.
    Northeastern Regional Association of Coastal Ocean Observing Systems (NERACOOS)
    Resource formats:
    • Data files
    • Graphical
    • Mapped
    • Tool

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